Ryan and Luke…bestest of brothers

September 9, 2010

Luke and his words

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I was thinking I needed to write all of Luke’s words in his baby book, but then thought this would be quicker.  I plan to print out the blog into a “book” so the kids will be able to read it anyway.  So, at 17 months this is what we have, kinda in order 🙂

Uh oh (totally his first word)


Doggy (dada and doggy sound a lot a like just like when Ryan was little)

Ball (very clear)


Mam or Mem (thats me!)

More (and he uses it correctly)

Hot (it sounds a little more like “heh” but he says it whenever I put him in the car to say his seat is hot

He also says “mine” but usually doesn’t use it correctly.  I’m not sure what he is trying to say.  He also said his cousin Clara’s name on vacation when he saw her everyday.  A few times Ethan said he heard him say Ryan but I haven’t heard it.  Ryan is a hard name to say.  Ryan actually called himself “AYION” for a long time. 


No (usually accompanies Mom)



He can also sign the word “please.”  Grandma Alger taught him that.  Instead of signing at the top of his chest he does it on his belly, but its close enough and very cute.

looks like such a big boy

Thanks to my friend Aurora for taking this picture at the park.  You can’t even tell his dad gave him a terrible haircut!


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