Ryan and Luke…bestest of brothers

August 19, 2010

More summer fun!

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This year we tried private swim lessons for Ryan and it was amazing.  His teachers were truly awesome.  He was going under water on the first day!  Previously, Ryan was very timid in the water, even with a floatie on.  He never went under water.  By the end of the first week he was able to do almost half the length of the pool in ‘3 style’ aka freestyle.  He made huge progress in the 5 or 6 weeks he had lessons and was even learning to dive.  He is confidant in the water and rarely uses his floatie anymore.  We are so proud of him!

We spent a week in Bass Lake with Ethan’s dad and sisters.  Its always hard traveling with kids, especially young ones like Luke, but we had a great time and survived the early morning wake ups, no naps and Luke’s screaming.  I took my own car so Luke and I left early to give Ryan and Ethan some “no baby” time and for everyone to rest their ears.  One of these days we’ll take a vacation without the kids! 

learning to dive

his teachers brought cookies every friday

tired and way too big for a bottle

first cast at Bass Lake

Ryan's first time fishing - with a Star Wars pole

Ryan and Derek pushed this log around for a long time


one of our stops on a hike to some falls

Ethan carried him most of the hike because I've had a sore ankle for a while...just found out its fractured

Luke was so tired! We would have rested longer but there were mosquitoes

he just couldn't understand why he couldn't drive the boat by himself

Luke hated the boat and only lasted a few hours


some of the gang...the rest of us were smart and stayed on the boat!

driving through Yosemite, if he wasn't screaming he was pointing out the window

Ryan in charge of the camera

a little too close for me

all 4 of us - I can't believe it! (the backpack is making me look way fatter)

Ethan, Ryan, Derek and Karl climbed up closer to the falls

trying to take our own picture



  1. YEAH! Love it, all great pics. Luke has grown up so much since the last pics I saw. You have such a great looking family. Update more often, damnit!

    Comment by Ashley — August 19, 2010 @ 4:52 am |Reply

  2. Great to see your updates! The boys have gotten so big (where did the time go?). BTW, can I get more info on your private swim lessons? You are so funny with your captions :).

    Comment by Anne Abris — August 19, 2010 @ 5:08 am |Reply

  3. Looks like fun! And is Luke really as much trouble as you say because he looks like an angel in the photos!

    Comment by Michelle — August 19, 2010 @ 5:49 pm |Reply

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