Ryan and Luke…bestest of brothers

June 8, 2010

Ryan’s preschool graduation

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We decided not to make a big deal this year about preschool graduation/promotion because Ryan is going back again next year.  With his late birthday we decided to wait another year to start kindergarten.  So he technically did not promote but we wanted him to take part in the program with all of his friends.  A lot of the kids he has been with for two years.  Ethan and I went to the program and then took him out to dinner to celebrate.

displaying some of his attitude

taking our own picture

with Ms. Tami

at Applebees

We didn’t get very good photos of the program because we were video taping.  We also weren’t seated in a clear view of Ryan.  They sang songs and each kid had a short speaking part.  Ryan knew his lines but was embarassed when he was his turn and he said directly into the microphone “I don’t know it!”  His teacher helped him a little and he said his line nice and clear.  Seeing them march in with their little caps on was too cute.  Next year he’ll do it again and it will feel much more real for me.  He will be 5.5 yrs old and on his way to kinder.  We are so proud of his accomplishments.  He has truly blossomed the last two years of preschool.  We thank the wonderful teachers who take time to work with him when he needs some extra help.  His writing has improved dramatically.  He is more confident and making friends.  Ryan cannot wait to start again in August.


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