Ryan and Luke…bestest of brothers

April 7, 2010

Look I found a Thanksgiving/Christmas DRAFT post

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Thanksgiving has come and gone and tomorrow is Christmas Eve–and Ethan’s 35th birthday.  Wow. 

For Thanksgiving I got to dress the boys in almost matching shirts for the first time!  I know, not that interesting, but its really hard to find matching stuff with such an age difference.  Good thing Luke wears such a big size 🙂  We had the Alves side of the family over, then went to Ethan’s dads a few days later.  Ryan loves getting to see his cousins, and followed Derek (7) around all day.  Luke was sick (again) with another croupy cough.  We are tending to think its a normal cold virus but because of his respiratory issues the colds tend to linger and he gets horrible coughs.  He now has an inhaler (same one as Ryan) and is either asthmatic or pre-asthmatic.  There really isn’t a test for a baby his age, but with the familyhistory we are pretty sure.  There is also a greater risk for allergies and now that he is spending more time on the floor playing I thought maybe he was allergic to something in the carpet or our two dogs.  His doctor said those types of allergies usually don’t show up til they are 2-3 yrs old, but there are always exceptions.   I am planning to take him to an asthma/allergy specialist when he gets a little older.

We are getting ready for the Algers to come over tomorrow to celebrate Ethan’s birthday with pizza, and then do our gift exchange.  Ryan is expecting a visit from Santa, though he has been a sassy the last few days.   Luke caught a cold from Ryan (thank you very much preschool germs) and again had the terrible sounding cough, wheezing, and running nose/congestion.  I took him to the doctor to make sure his lungs/throat/ears were ok and they were.  We might be visiting the specialist earlier than I thought.  In 8 months he has had this happen 3 or 4 times already. 

As for milestones, Luke started crawling a few days after he turned 8 months.  He was a few days earlier than Ryan, and has beat him on all milestones except sitting up.  I really thought there would be no way he could beat him in walking, since Ryan took his first steps at 9 months and a few weeks later was literally running everywhere.  But…he already started to pull up to standing AND I caught him trying to crawl up the stairs.  We are in trouble.  Luke crawls after Ryan and sometimes they actually play in the playroom together.  We’ll see how long that lasts.  I spent most of my day keeping track of Luke and making sure he doesn’t put shoes in his mouth.


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