Ryan and Luke…bestest of brothers

June 15, 2009

Luke is 2 months old!

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Can it really be?  Yes, Luke turned 2 months old on the 7th.  Eventhough I’m exhausted and my days are an endless wave of feedings, diaper changes and 3 yr old attitude, it has gone by fast.  Luke started smiling around 6 weeks and it is probably the cutest thing you have ever seen (except Ryan’s smiles).  He is holding his head up well, and on our scale weighs 14 lbs.  He is wearing 3-6 and 6 month clothing already.  He is not going to be a small child.  Though he is about the same size Ryan was at this age, he seems much bigger and longer for sure.  We had a few weeks of him doing 4 hrs of sleep at night, then fell  back to barely 3 hrs in the last few nights.  It is kind of a blur after he wakes up and eats because he seems to wake up again every hour or so, or not go back to sleep at all.  Then last night he slept 4 hrs, ate, slept another 4.  Woo hoo. 

Ryan still loves his brother and I’m glad it hasn’t worn off yet.  He loves riding his new bike, especially when daddy rides his bike too.  They go to a park that is pretty far away and Ryan rides all the way there and back.  Ryan is mastering several games on the Wii and we are surprised that a 3 year old can do so well.  His last day of preschool is the 18th.  He will start back again in August with the 4 yr olds…he will be 4 in November. 

I am starting to think Luke looks less like Ryan.  His hair is turning from dark brown to a lighter shade with some red in it.  His eyes are still blue, but they are fading.  I cannot get over his chubby cheeks! 

We are finally having cement poured in our backyard so we’ll have useable space this summer.  It will be a great place for Ryan and I’ll be able to watch him out the window and just might get something down around the house.

Here are some of the latest pictures.  Enjoy.

one of his favorite things to do...pretending to drive

one of his favorite things to do...pretending to drive

he always pats him on the head

he always pats him on the head

mowing the lawn at grandma and papa's house in his rain boots

mowing the lawn at grandma and papa's house in his rain boots

just hanging out...

just hanging out...


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  1. I LOVE the cheeks! Such a cute little chunky monkey. He doesn’t really look like Ryan right now but he’s still so tiny. Ryan is handsome as ever. Glad to hear he still loves his brother. A few more months and sleep should be yours again. So happy for you all!

    Comment by Michelle — June 16, 2009 @ 1:58 am |Reply

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