Ryan and Luke…bestest of brothers

March 16, 2009

Just like mom

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We were cleaning up toys before bathtime and Ryan said “I can’t bend down” which is what he hears me say ALOT.  Then he said he couldn’t bend down because he has a baby in his belly and the baby is pushing his belly button out…LOL.  And my favorite, “I can’t bend down, I can only bend up.”  He really is hilarious–when he isn’t being sassy 🙂

Baby update:  As of last week, not much is going on.  The pain I feel when I walk and the twinges I feel are not causing any progress.  I now go back to the doctor every week and was told if I go into labor on my own it is fine at this point.  I’m not holding my breath since Ryan was so late.  We are discussing an induction at 39 wks due to the gestational diabetes.  I have been managing my sugars fine without insulin, and they don’t t think the baby is overly sized, but its a precaution.  I will have another ultrasound to check size, but those can be anywhere from +/- 1 to 2 lbs so they are not that accurate.  It is getting harder to maintain the special diet so a week early would be great for me, and make sure everyone can be there, and that Ryan is taken care of. 

Ethan has been working a different schedule this month and Ryan was having a hard time adjusting.  He loves having extra time with him in the morning, but its been hard for him to not have daddy home for bath and bedtime.  Its hard enough for me to get him in and out of the tub! 

Here are some pictures of a photo shoot we did about 3 wks ago.  Probably our last official as a family of 3!





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