Ryan and Luke…bestest of brothers

March 3, 2009

Fun at Build a Bear

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Saturday we went to Build a Bear to make something for the boys.  The day after we found out Ryan was a boy we went there and made him a frog dressed in a surfer shirt.  It seemed appropriate for San Diego, and we had decided to do his room in a frog theme.  We were a little late in going this time, but after being sick for almost 2 weeks we finally made it out of the house together.  Ryan was iffy about the whole thing.  He has had a stay at home attitude lately.  But, then he was excited to make something for his brother and get a treat himself…until we walked by the Disney store.  I’m not sure he has ever been in a Disney store before, so we told him we could go there after we were done at the bear store.  Ofcourse that made him want to do his bear as quickly as possible.  He picked a bear for himself, and we picked a monkey for the baby to match the jungle theme.  First Ryan said the stuffing machine was too noisy, but then got very excited when he got to press the pedal that made it go.  Then the bear and monkey got baths and shirts.  Ryan picked out his own…it has a groundhog on it with flowers.  No matter how hard I tried I could not get him to pick anything else.  Then he got to sit at the ‘paputer’ and name the animals.  Then it was off to Disney and lunch.  He fell asleep on the way home and took a nice nap 🙂

Ryan and daddy waiting their turn

Ryan and daddy waiting their turn

Ryan working the pedal

Ryan working the pedal

making sure the new bear is clean

making sure the new bear is clean


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