Ryan and Luke…bestest of brothers

February 27, 2009

Working for cheetos

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Ryan is trying to stretch out his bedtime routine lately.  So, if daddy is home in time he does the bath, teeth brushing and putting on the jammies.  Then each of us have to read a story.  Then Ryan asks for more.  At this time there is another stalling tactic, usually water, or sometimes just plain ol’ running out of the room!  Once everything is back on track and he is in bed, daddy leaves and I sit on his bed for a minute.  We have the most interesting conversations right at this time.  Last time, he started his “remember how I miss my dad?”  He says that a lot during the day, especially when he is getting into trouble.  He would be getting into even more trouble if his dad was home, but I guess he doesn’t realize that!  He asked if daddy was going to work and I told him not until the next morning.  He has breakfast with daddy almost every morning, but he always asks.  Then Ryan asked why daddy has to work.  I told him he has to make money so we can have a house and buy food.  Ryan thought for a minute and said “yes daddy needs his cheetos.”


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