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February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine’s Day

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It seems that Valentine’s Day has almost turned into Halloween.  Between Ryan’s preschool party and playgroup party he came home with two huge bags of treats.  With my newly diagnosed gestational diabetes I am not allowed any sweets at all.  Because I am such the trooper I made 3 batches of pink rice krispie treats for the various parties.  I didn’t get to test them so I hope they tasted ok 🙂 

I was thinking of some other funny things that Ryan said lately.  We were at the park after preschool and he was eating crackers.  Instead of making him wash his hands everytime he came back (i love sanitizer) I told him I would put them in his mouth.  After a few minutes he decided he wanted to take a break, sit on the bench and eat.  After dropping the bag of crackers twice they were almost gone so I said we would go home and get more, but we were done with that bag.  Home is 2 blocks away.  He threw a typical 3 yr old fit over the loss of his beloved crackers and I threw them in the trash.  He kept going on and on (like 3 yr olds do) and I told him it was too late.  He told me “no its too morning.” 

We were watching some videos of him this morning from when he was a baby.  Ethan’s favorite is the “cryin Ryan” video.  Its basically Ryan, probably a few weeks old, just crying.  Broke my heart then but its pretty funny now.  Anyway, Ryan calls videos “weeos.”  So cute.  And, a consistant favorite if I haven’t mentioned it before, the computer is the “paputer.”

Here are some recent photos:

Ryan being silly

Ryan being silly

Ryan baking cookies with grandma

Ryan baking cookies with grandma

Ryan making calzones

Ryan making calzones


at the Valentine party - not a good angle for either of us 🙂


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  1. I wish I were still “Krudra”…

    Comment by myenchantedgarden — February 28, 2009 @ 7:31 am |Reply

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