Ryan and Luke…bestest of brothers

February 2, 2009

He says the funniest things

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Like most 3 yr olds, Ryan has his share of pronouncing words wrong or using the wrong sound.  For a long time we called it ‘Ryanese.’  We could understand him but no one else probably could.  Now most of his mistakes are age appropriate and will correct themselves with time.  We learned a lot as he went through speech therapy.  What always blew our minds was how he could say the more difficult sounds and words first, but would ignore or not even try other words.  He did not say mom for a very long time, but could say ambulance and purple.  Go figure! 

Last night as Ethan was getting him dressed for bed he said “dad I got it under control.”  That cracked me up.  Here are some other ‘mistakes’ but we get a kick out of them:

“y” for “l” sound = yeg, yip, yook (Luke = possibly his brother’s name), yunch

remote = samote (its our fault this isn’t fixed because now the entire family calls it a samote.

little bit = bit a bit

Right now one of his favorite things to say is “i forgot” or “it was an accident”….yes, that has to do with going potty.  The “WHY” stage started and is waring us out!  Even if you answer his question he feels your answer isn’t good enough and will prod you for more.  The best thing is that you can have a conversation with him–often times it goes in a circle–but its a conversation.  There is a lot of repetition.  If you tell him to pick up his shoe he will say “oh that shoe” and point to it, then go to the shoe and say “this shoe?”  Hilarious.  I’ll have some pictures to download soon.


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